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Buyer's Agent

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Is a Buyer’s Agent the same as a selling agent?

The goal of a buyer’s agent is not to get you a bargain; our role is to secure the property for you, plain and simple. The real bargain comes from the buyer’s agent finding a property for you in an area with the best possible return and growth.


A Buyer’s agent is the Ying to the selling agent Yang. While most vendors will have the service of a selling agent or agency, a buyer’s agent sits on your side of the fence and works only for your best interest in securing the property for you.


Whether is be for residential property, investment or commercial real estate, at Thomas Property, our due diligence ensures you buy right, don’t over pay and keep your weekends free for you, let us hunt and secure the property for you.



Why use a Buyer’s Agent?  

In our experience, the most common reasons our client’s use our buyer’s agent service is due to becoming jaded from months of property inspections, searching and disappointment at auction. Many of our other clients and investors are unable to search and inspect the properties themselves due to being located interstate or overseas.


While some just don’t like the stress of negotiating with an agent and/or vendor directly or just can’t bare the thought of bidding at auction. What all our buyers inevitably come to understand is that the main reason they were thankful they used our service was the level of expertise and service they received as part of their customer experience.


Can I afford a Buyer's Agent?

Unlike your typical real estate sales agent or buyer’s agent, our fee structure is not based on a percentage, if it were, a buyers agent would have no real incentive to negotiate the best deal on your behalf simply because the more you pay, the more the buyers agent would earn.


At Thomas Property, our buyers agent fee’s are based on your budget and have multiple options depending on the type of services your require. The benefit of this is that within your budget price bracket, our Buyer’s Agent earns no more or less commission from the initial offer to the ultimate purchase price.


Our goal is to secure the property for you and ensure that you’ll know the total fees applicable from day one.


How the service work

There are multiple options at your disposal, but typically;


Once you engage our services, we conduct a fact-finding conversation with you to break down what you’re looking for:

  • Where to focus the search
  • Type of property
  • Investment, owner occupied, development site or commercial space requirements.
  • Your budget
  • Timeframe requirements
  • Area specific/s such as schools, medical, transport.
  • Rental return potential and vacancy rates
  • Potential capital growth timeline
  • Council liaison and investigation
  • Renovation feasibility and permissible consent from council
  • List of the must have’s and would like’s


Property Search 

All of the legwork is done for you; we source and inspect the property from top to bottom, in the roof and under the house in some cases.


Once we know what you’re looking for, we begin to search and make contact with the local agents in the area to source off market opportunities, in many cases, the local agents already call and email our team to advise of off market sales. We also do an extensive search for each street in your chosen area, to focus a targeting door knocking campaign for selected houses to ask vendors directly about the prospect of selling privately to you.


Short Listed Properties 

Once we have inspected and eliminated unsuitable properties, we organise a private viewing with the selling agent or owner whereby, you attend the property with us to conduct a private inspection or, in the event of our clients being located away from Sydney, we organise a VR photo session for each room so that you can get as close to inspecting as possible without ever being there.


When you decide which property/s you like, we go through our own appraisal of the property with you as well as our covering our observations from multiple open homes to gauge buyer interest, vendor willingness to sell under private treaty and discuss a plan for making offers or bidding at auction.


Finally, we cover off on any potential renovation or development potential after discussions with local council, to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.



Negotiations can take time, but the main difference of having a buyer’s agent negotiate for you is that the selling agent loses all of benefits of being able to pitch to you and “sell” the property to you.


Having a buyer’s agent means that the negotiation gets down to the nitty gritty from day one. Our approach to the negotiation is completely search and experience driven; we leave no stone unturned in order to give you the negotiating advantage.


Securing the property 

Our aim is to secure the property either off-market or prior to auction, but in cases where the auction does go ahead, we do all of the registration and bidding on your behalf.


The biggest benefit to this is that, unlike most other bidders, we are not emotionally attached to the property and do no rattle under the pressure.


Call us today on (02) 9953 1039 to have a chat about securing a property for you.



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