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Our Team

Jeffrey Chen

Senior Project Manager, Cert IV in Building/Construction

T 02 9953 1039
M 0466 660 699
Jeffrey has grown up around the building industry through his father Gordon Chen. From an early age, Jeffrey was keen to learn from his father who taught him much of what he knows prior to seeking certification of his own in the building and construction industry.

He has been instrumental in all of CGD Constructions since joining the family business in 2008. Jeffrey has established a reputation and strong relationships with Government, Private sectors and Non-Government agencies during his time.

Jeffrey's achievements include successful contract wins for various projects in diverse range such as Department of Defence and Salvation Army.

Jeffrey is a property developer with a clear vision of delivering desirable residential and commercial projects.
He has created a trusted reputation in the property development and construction industry.

Today, Jeffrey is held in high regard by local councils, town planners, consultants and most importantly, his clients with a successful track record in building quality projects where people love to call home.

Projects managed by Jeffrey and his team stand out for many reasons but one of the keys to his success is the use of in-house experts for all projects. This includes a dedicated Project Control Group to oversee every aspect ensuring projects are:
- Completed on time
- Stay on budget
- Achieve the highest quality standards
- And any issues are quickly resolved

Importantly, CGD Constructions have an in-house chartered accountant to check and approve every construction expense to ensure all project outgoings are kept under tight control.
It's the challenge of turning empty land into a place where people live, work and enjoy life that excites Jeffrey and CGD Constructions.

Projects involve:
- Finding and acquiring the right land
- Identifying ways to maximise its potential
- Creating the design idea
- Watching those designs become a reality
- Seeing the client happy and satisfied

Craftsmanship and attention to detail are central to Jeffrey and his team. The core values that support CGD Constructions are the absolute commitment to quality and transparent processes to ensure all stakeholders are fully informed at every stage of the project.